Introduction to Literature

Welcome to Introduction to Literature!

We will be studying and writing about four different genres: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Research. Our textbook is┬áLiterature: A Portable Anthology, 4th Edition published by Bedford/ St. Martin’s. Some of the readings will be available here and on Blackboard, but for the best experience of the class, please aim to have the textbook as early as possible in the semester.

Our first section focuses on Fiction, and we will be reading and discussing stories by authors including Junot Diaz, Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie and Kate Chopin. As we read them, think about what makes writing come alive for you. Is it the story arc? Is it the use of language? Is it the characters? Do you love the dialogue? Or is it something else?

Our second section focuses on Poetry. We will be examining a selection of poems from the 200 available in the textbook. The selection ranges from 16th Century sonnets to 21st Century prose poems. We will be looking at word choice, rhyme, meter, and meaning. You will also be creating your own poems, and one group sonnet.

Throughout the semester, we will tailor the readings and assignments to your preferences, so make your voices heard. As well as the four main essay assignments, each one of you will give a five minute presentation about literature in class. Start thinking now about what you would like to share with your peers.

See you in class!